No scar, no downtime, natural appearing hair transplant!

Dr. Julie Hattier's office is offering the revolutionary NEOGRAFT single unit follicular extraction HAIR TRANSPLANT in our intimate private Delaware Beach Area office.  NEOGRAFT is a NO SCAR, no scalpel, or permanent scar hairtransplant.  Our office specializes in the revolutionary Neograft technique.  Gone are the days of using unnatural-looking plugs, invasive, damaging procedures and bulky micrographs. FUE stands for follicular unit extraction, which means each hair is singly extracted and then re-implanted one at a time for a totally natural looking final result with no down time. NEOGRAFT is more affordable than other traditional hair-replacement methods and requires no stitiches or staples. 

Call us today to schedule your no obligation consult to see if our office could help you with your hair loss and restore your hair to a more youthful image, or visit us on our website for more information.